About Me

oh dang :0, ill try...

Hi! My name is Jaezien Najeara, I was born in Ponyville, Equestria as a Unicorn, currently working at Eq
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🐄 Who am I?

Hi! My name is Jaezmien Naejara, a small cow pony on the internet interested in doing as much random stuffs as possible to pass the time. From coding games inside a game to enabling streamer and viewer interaction on Stepmania.

❓ What do I do?

I am a novice programmer in C#, Lua, Python, Java/TypeScript, and I can do basic front-end like this one!
I'm also a beginner artist, currently drawing ponies and learning to draw furries!

Mainly, I make modfiles (and simple games!) for the game engine, NotITG!

For now, the best way to get my attention is through Discord or Twitter.
Oh! And dont worry about pronouns. I don't really have a preferred one for now.

Thanks for checking this page out!
~ 🐄

yea i am very shy and boring ;w;